Tuesday, 10 February 2015

VariPak3D - 3D visualization tool Launch On Feb 11, 2015.

VeriPak3D is a complete 3D visualization tool for graphics professionals in the print, packaging and labeling industry. VeriPak3D is designed to provide close communication between creative professionals and clients from product conception through to final client approval and print.

Being web based, the client simply logs in to the VeriPak3D server, selects from a thumbnail list of available jobs and the 3D animation is loaded directly in the browser. Designers are free to experiment with the design and detect potential problems at an early stage in the process. With PDF/PS input, the designer can also detect potential print production problems and alter his design accordingly.

The printer also benefits, knowing when the job is approved, viewing the final 3D model and being able to communicate back to the designer for potential print production related issues.

We can expand the range to the next level by having approval module in this package to ease out the process of job approval.


3D visuals on the web
Reduced product time-to-market
Cost savings in time and materials
Better client contact
Customer satisfaction
System expansion options

Check out our official website: www.bodhi-pro.com

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